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Benefits for creators:

  • Leave your items for 4 weeks

  • Assist only one day

  • No commission is taken!

Our sixTH Pop Up shop!

Know-it-all passport® hosted its 6th pop-up shop (temporary shop) during February 2022 at Planète Charmilles. Know-it-all Marketplace showcases local creative people who have a passion and love to share this passion. Handmade and designed, unique, local items are on sale! Hard-to-find "man gifts" to lovely accessories for the ladies, from the funny to the luxury, items for babies and children, gifts you might want to keep for yourself, and a few yummy ones too. 

With local creators selected to participate, clients seeking unusual, creative, and fun gifts find what they were looking for. 


The creators come from

each of the towns represented

on this map. Amazing!

About Know-it-all 

Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman, publisher of Know-it-all passport®, explains, "I have dabbled in Christmas markets for years selling various creations, and I know how hard it is when you have to pay for a table AND sell your wares all day. Providing a location for all the creative people in this area to share is a great way to showcase a variety of styles ranging from sleek designed goods to handmade items. Vendors are enthused to test the market and get feedback as well as share their creations! Isn’t that why we make them in the first place? To share? This is a fun way of being unified and supportive doing what we love… together we can make it work… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!"

Clients and vendors are thrilled with the experience. The perfect place to buy gifts for the whole family, for neighbors and friends, for teachers and colleagues. Here are some comments we've received:

  • Encore merci pour ton enthousiasme, toutes tes idées, ton énergie, ta disponibilité, le don que tu as d'accepter chacun et de jongler avec tous. — Per-Sis Bijoux - Créatrice No. 37

  • As so many of the others who were present have said, you truly are an incredible woman with your endless positivity, encouragement and boundless energy. Your expertise and advice is invaluable to each and everyone of us who has had the good fortune to participate in your pop-up shops.  

  • Thanks to you, Lisa! You are so well-organized, you can manage each pop-up shop perfectly, so we can focus on the preparations and creations... you really make our job a lot easier, thank you! Always glad to be able to participate again.

  • Merci à toi de t'investir autant pour nous toutes.

  • What? You are only open till Christmas? Can we start a petition to keep you here all the time?

  • A huge thank you to Lisa for all the time, care and love she’s putting at the shop.

  • Lisa distribue sourire, gentillesse, efficacité, ténacité et bonne ambiance. Ça vous parle un peu, beaucoup? Ne cherchez plus, vous l’avez avec vous 6 jours sur 7.

  • Thank you Lisa for this concept store - a shop that sells a carefully curated and unique selection of products, very glad to see what other vendors are making/selling as to me it's about another discovery and experience.

Of course, Know-it-all passport® will be selling there too in case you need to get a copy.

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